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How to Create a Customer Experience Worth Remembering

Do you know what the experience is like for your customers in working with you? It’s a tough question to answer honestly. Of course, as business owners, our initial response is almost always “it’s great!” – because anything else than stellar would not meet our standards of doing business (right?). The hard part about business though is that time is never on our side and if we’re not careful, our customer care could fall to the back-burner.

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Why You Need to Switch to a Value-Based Brand

Twenty years ago, consumers cared more deeply about the quality of the product or service that they’re purchasing, than about who is producing the product. When marketing a business, it was best practice to show off a product, why it was the best, and what makes it different from the competitor’s equivalent product. Consumers wanted to make sure they were getting the best of the best of the product. But then there was a shift.

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