Three Things Your Social Media Needs & Two It Doesn't

Social media... a continually rising empire, a source of entertainment, and a limitless marketing machine. When used effectively, social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business. But there are some wild misconceptions when it comes to social media for business. We're here to set the record straight. 

Three Things Your Social Media Needs

Three Things Your Social Media Needs


Like all good things, consistency is key. You can't grow a plant without consistently watering it . You can't learn a new skill without consistently practicing. You can't rock social media without doing the same. Make a commitment to your social media, create a plan, and grow a healthy relationship with it. You want to post consistently to keep your audience engaged. That brings us to number two...


You want your content to be engaging for your audience. Ask questions, make them think, draw out a reaction from them. You might have to experiment with different types of content and messaging. Does it tug at the heart strings? Does it make them laugh? Is it thought provoking? It's good to pay attention to which posts bring out the most engagement in your audience. Use that information to create more interaction.


You want your audience to help facilitate growth in your following. This goes back to engagement. Is your content share-worthy? Will your followers want their friends/co-workers to see it too? Are they likely to recommend your profile to others? Growth is key.

And Two That it Doesn't...

Mass Produced Content

There are numerous services out there that will post blanket content for many profiles. They'll post the same thing on hundreds of accounts, with no personalization or differentiation between them. This content may or may not be relevant to your business and followers. This content doesn't bring value to your profile. Your followers are following you for your content, not some robot's.

A Massive Following

While a large following may be impressive to some, it may not mean success. If you have a loyal following of 500 followers who regularly engage and share your content, your business may be more successful on social media than a business with a purchased "follow for follow" following of thousands. Many times, the profiles you see with mass followings still have low engagement because many of the followers they have aren't legitimate. Focus on the followers you have, give them the content they want, and your business will grow.

Social media can seem like a big monster to tackle, but feed it consistently with authentic, engaging content, and you'll do just fine 😉 We’re always here to help if you need a push in the right direction!