Why Elevate Partnered with ASK

A marketing company whose sister company is in IT… While it may sound a little funny, the partnership between Elevate Marketing Co. and ASK is entirely by design. So why did we partner with ASK? Why did it make sense for us to dig deeper into the world of technology?

The Back Story

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we must shed light on our history and how we came to be. A couple years ago ASK hired (then) Klimb Creative to come in and manage their marketing activities. As a growing technology and cyber security company, ASK needed someone to manage all the things. All things included branding, website management, event coordination, social media and digital marketing initiatives. ASK had big plans to grow their company, especially with the dire need for cyber security solutions for businesses. The biggest hurdle was having a dedicated person to take on their marketing.

So, we built a close relationship with ASK and became their Virtual Marketing Coordinator. It was only a matter of time before a beautiful relationship began to grow.


The Rebrand

In 2017 we hit a point of no return. Our company was growing. There was a growing need for small businesses and their marketing. Our point of no return was this: we either had to pull back the reins and stay small, or we had to go all steam ahead and accept the growth our company was facing. We needed more team members. We needed more tools and resources to continue to provide our clients with the marketing services they so desperately wanted and needed. And we had a really hard time accepting that we would have to say “no” to so many small businesses that were approaching us.

Meanwhile, the team at ASK began to see a growing need within their own client base for marketing services. See, one of the things we like most about ASK is how they provide their clients with more than just break-fix IT solutions. Their team is built with wildly talented and resourceful individuals. While technology may be their bread and butter, their team will move mountains for their clients. So, when they started receiving questions about marketing solutions, social media and websites, ASK turned to us and asked if we could team up.

All that to say, we formed a close bond with ASK, entered into a partnership where Mike Maddox and Leo Orsini became business partners with Katie Saglimbene (our President). This new chapter and partnership deserved a new name. So, in 2018, we rebranded to Elevate Marketing Company.

The Now

Between Elevate Marketing Co. and ASK, our values and mindsets are very similar - so similar it makes us step back and think "this was meant to be." At our core, both of our teams strive to do what is best for clients. We don’t settle with “well, it’s just the way it is." We love to put our thinking caps on and cook up some incredible business solutions and recommendations for our clients. Most days, we consider ourselves in the problem-solving business because at the end of the day, that’s what we do best. We problem-solve, we work as a team, we roll up our sleeves and aren’t afraid to get dirty. We go out of way to solve problems for our clients!

As cheerleaders and advocates for our clients, we want to provide them with the very best tools and solutions to keep their business flourishing and their staff productive.

Even though we focus specifically on marketing solutions, we know how deeply rooted technology plays a role in our everyday lives and in our marketing strategies. What better partner to have at our side than one who specializes in business consulting, technology solutions and cyber security? (Like, whoa. How cool is that!?)

It’s been an exciting start for Elevate Marketing Co. and ASK, and our journey is just beginning. If you want to get your hands on a remarkable technology company, ASK is ready to talk with you.

Visit ASK’s website or check out what we do to learn more about us today.