A Letter to Our Supporters

Dear Supporter, 

Twelve months. I can hardly believe that it was twelve months ago that I was sitting down with Mike and Leo, discussing the next steps to join forces and become official business partners. I want to preface this with saying that there is the common misconception that business ownership is glamorous – filled with short work days spent at the coffee house and endless vacation days. But the truth is, no one works harder for a business than the owners. There are long work days, sleepless nights, and days of doubt. But there are also days of complete gratitude, joy and fulfillment. Mike and Leo, being long time business owners of ASK, understood that. 

Somehow, during a stressful time of trying to decide what was best for me and Klimb Creative, knowing that Mike and Leo had my back either way – made it easier. Klimb Creative had a strong, successful two years under its belt, but I took it as far as I could by myself. I had to decide whether to stay small or keep growing.  

Going Back To Where it all started

My time with Klimb Creative was truly special. I don’t think I ever worked harder for something in my entire life. One of the most important things that came out of Klimb Creative was me falling back in love with marketing and finding joy in my work. But I think it’s safe to say that I was getting tired of doing it all – like physically, mentally, emotionally tired. It was a lot to juggle: the accounting, the sales, the work, the planning, the client relations, the networking…While that is exactly what I signed up for in 2015, I quickly became aware that I couldn’t keep up the pace forever. And that brings us to twelve months ago, when I decided to shift Klimb Creative to Elevate Marketing Co and add Mike and Leo as my business partners.  

The new year (2018) started off strong as Elevate Marketing Co. I ran through the holidays and hit the ground running in Q1. Right as I was about to run out of breath, we hired Victoria as our social media manager. I saw in her a passion for all things social media and an eagerness to try something new – to take chances and think outside the box. She was (and still is) exactly what I needed to continue growing the company. With Victoria focusing on our social media clients, it enabled me to focus on our marketing and website clients. We quickly became the dynamic duo! I am thankful for her spunk, her creative mind, and her passion for seeing our clients’ businesses succeed.  

Without dragging this on too much longer, I want to highlight a few major accomplishments of 2018: 

Elevate Marketing Co 2018
  • Working with our first true startup company and developing their logo, website and marketing plan. 

  • Hiring Victoria – our very first full-time employee. 

  • Having our first ever office space within ASK’s building – even if we were practically sitting on top of one another! 

  • Completing more website projects in our first year than I did with Klimb Creative in its two years of business. 

  • Gaining our first client from out of state as Elevate Marketing Co.

  • Continuing our working relationship with Cold Box Films to bring video production to our marketing clients 

  • Moving to our new office in REO Town with ASK – with more room than we know what to do with! 

To say that I am proud of our first year as Elevate Marketing Co. is an understatement. I am incredibly blessed with two phenomenal business partners who have guided me through year one of business, have given me more words of wisdom than I can count, and who have supported me in more ways than I can count. I am thankful for a dedicated, hardworking social media manager (Victoria, you are awesome!). I am thankful for our clients who have graciously let us into their business journey.  

This year has been a year of growth, challenges, celebrations and goal crushing moments. As we close out 2018, I am only more excited to see what next year has in store for us! 2018 – you’ve been good to us!  

Much love,


Victoria Evans