Make the Most Out of the Holidays on Social Media

It’s a new year and time to focus in on your social media strategy. You may ask yourself which holidays you should share about on your social media channels. There is no straight forward answer, but here are some guidelines to follow:  

Which holidays should your business post about on social media?
  • Determine your stance on sharing religious holidays.  
    If you are a person of faith, do you want to talk about it on your business social channels? There is no right or wrong answer, simply a matter of personal preference. Will you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Will you acknowledge Easter? Hanukah? 

  • Set reminders to share holidays that your business will be closed.  
    If your business is closed on President’s Day, you should have a post on social media about it. If you’re closed for International Mountain Day because your logo has mountains in it (December 11th, we looked it up), you should have a post on social media about it. Any holiday that causes your business to close is social-worthy. This is also something that can be done far in advance and schedule so you don’t have to worry about it! 

  • Speaking of silly holidays, like International Mountain Day, some of these can be leveraged to your advantage. If you run a bakery, you can absolutely leverage that April 30th is National Oatmeal Cookie Day. While some of these days seem pretty crazy, there are others that everyone can celebrate. August 13th is International Left Hander’s Day. You can feature a staff member  who is a lefty and make them feel proud of their uniqueness.  
    To find these sorts of holidays, there are a few resources we use. is a great one, and Hubspot has a great compilation as well. You can get creative with these days, but don’t over-do it. Keeping these extra holidays relevant to your business is important.  

Lastly, while they may not be holidays, any other days that your business may be closed outside of your normal schedule should be addressed. If you are a small business who closes for a week in January to go on vacation, you should notify your customers on social media, even if it’s been common practice for 20 years and everyone knows you do this. You never know who you may be reaching online.  

In addition to the holiday notifications, if there’s a power outage or natural disaster that causes your business to close, you should keep your following updated as to when doors will reopen. If you are a work-from-home small business owner/crafter/maker who is going on maternity leave or another form of extended leave, let your people know!  

Holidays are relevant content to share on your social media channels and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a great way to show your employees’ faces in a casual, low-pressure way. Social media is a great place to showcase the “real human” side of your business, so use those holidays to show some personality! 

Victoria Evans