Is your Content Killing Your Reach?

“Create good content.” “Create authentic content.” “Be genuine.” “Be real.” If we had a dollar every time we heard a marketer say these things… we wouldn’t need to work anymore. What exactly is good content, or authentic content? That’s what we’re here to tell you.

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Victoria Simmons
Why You Need to Switch to a Value-Based Brand

Twenty years ago, consumers cared more deeply about the quality of the product (or service, but for the sake of not typing product or service a hundred times in this blog we’re going to go with products…) that they’re purchasing, than about who is producing the product. When marketing a business, it was best practice to show off a product, why it was the best, and what makes it different from the competitor’s equivalent product. Consumers wanted to make sure they were getting the best of the best of the product. But then there was a shift.

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How to Make Social Video Work for Your Brand

Video is where it’s at when it comes to social media. If you’ve read an article about social media marketing in the last year, you’ve probably read something about the increase of video use. But why? Simply put – the human attention span is shrinking, and a video holds our attention longer than plain text and even photos. We know that video is becoming more and more important, but what types of video work best for your brand? Long form video, short-form video, LIVE video, stories?

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