Is your website is performing the way that it should?

Your website should be a representation of your company brand, what it stands for, and what you offer. Many companies will launch a new website with the “set it and forget it” mindset. Others will continually update their website with blog posts and add new pages. Regardless of whether you update your website on the regular, or if you haven’t look at your website in ages (then we should talk!), a Website Performance Audit will help tell you what needs to be updated on the back-end as well as from a branding perspective.

INcluded in Your Website Performance Audit:

There are two parts to our Website Performance Audit: a Website Scan and a Human Scan. Once both scans are completed, we will create a full report for you and recommendations on the most important items that need fixing. You can take this report to your website developer, or if your website is built on Squarespace, you can hire Elevate Marketing Co. to fix these items for you!

Website Scan

We use a tool that allows us to scan your website without needing access to the back-end of your website or needing to install any code on your website.

  • Full URL Scan

  • Analysis of Page Titles and Description

  • Analysis of Page Content and Duplicate Content

  • Checklist of Broken Links (Internal Links and External Links)

  • Alt-Image Tag Scan

  • Image Sizing and Load Speed Test

  • Basic Website Security Checklist

Human Scan

This is exactly what it sounds like! We will personally go through your website and check for things that the website scan won’t catch. Things we’ll review includes:

  • Branding - is your company brand clearly represented?

  • Aesthetics - is your website pleasing to the eye?

  • Navigation - is your website easy to navigate?

  • Layout - is your website page content structured in a way that leads us to take action?

  • Logistical Content - is your copyright date and contact information current?

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Website Performance Audit FAQs

How Long does it take?

It only takes about one week for us to do the entire Website Performance Audit and create the report and recommendations. Once all of that is complete, then we will schedule a time to review the report with you in more detail.

Does my website have to be on Squarespace for it to work?

No. Regardless of what platform your website is built on (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc), we can perform the audit and provide you with the report.

Can you do the edits for me?

Yes and no. The back-end of every website is different - especially when it comes to WordPress websites. Since we are most familiar with the Squarespace platform, we can conduct the audit AND make the top ten necessary changes (pricing is below). If your website is built on another platform, by all means, take the report and recommendations to your website developer for further review.

How much does it cost?

Website Performance Audit: $500.00

Website Performance Audit + Implementation of Top Ten Changes: estimated at $750.00
*Implementation is only available for websites built on Squarespace