Developing a new website can be a huge undertaking and cost a small business several thousands of dollars. What if we told you that it doesn’t have to?

Chances are, you simply want a place to direct your customers. You want a website that will generate leads and tell the world what you have to offer. You want to share your story. We don’t think that needs to be a $10k project. In fact, at Elevate Marketing Co., we can build you an attractive, mobile friendly website that is affordable and won’t make your budget cringe. 

Website Packages


Website Transfer

Your website content may be perfectly fine just the way it is, but the design may need a fresh look, or in some cases, your current website may not be responsive. This is where a website transfer comes into play. We will design a new website for you on a responsive website platform using your existing website content, logo, links, color scheme and images.



Website Build

Haven't updated your website in a few years? A brand-new build may be the best option. Sometimes starting from scratch can be refreshing! Let's give your website a complete face-lift, one that includes new content, new images and a new look! Your new website will be built on a responsive website platform, one that is easy to update, easy to navigate and delivers a clean-cut design that's made to impress. We can also create landing pages for you if you are considering running email drip campaigns or digital ads.

Our Process

It is our standard that our clients have 100% access to and ownership of  their website. It is your website after all! You will be set up as an administrator to your website and have all the rights. We will create a demo website for you so you can see it being built every step of the way. Our team can even work with you on fine tuning your website content. Your website will also be designed using your branding and color scheme. Once your new website is live, we will give you a crash course in how to edit and manage your website. And if you need any help in the future, we can help.


Other Web Solutions and Consulting

Not sure what needs updating on your website? We can perform a Website Review to point you in the right direction. Sometimes a new set of eyes can be helpful! During a Website Review, we will focus on the user experience, content structure, site load times, and overall design and structure of the website. We will also talk about new ways you can enhance your website and use it to further grow your business. Your website should be a marketing tool – could you be using it better? 

In addition to providing Website Reviews, we can also conduct a content audit. This is where we will have our content editors dissect your existing website content and work with you to create a refined message.

Let's Get Started!

Elevate Marketing Co. is your go-to for many website needs. Contact us today for a free 30-minute consult to answer all your questions.