Victoria Evans


Social Media Marketing & Advertising Manager

Victoria is a marketer with a crazy passion for social media and the power it holds for businesses. She loves photography and creating engaging content that makes you think. She has over six years of small business marketing experience.

She is most inspired by networking with other like-minded professionals who push boundaries and aren't afraid to try new techniques to earn some social interaction. She believes that social media will only continue to grow and that businesses need to embrace the growth and changes as they come. She also draws inspiration from following social media influencers and authors like Rachel Hollis.

Victoria is a mom of two awesome kids. Fueled by kombucha and celery juice, she is an adrenaline junkie who loves traveling – especially flying – and experiencing new cultures. Her favorite place is somewhere by water with her husband and kids, either the ocean or Lake Michigan. She has a sweet tooth and thoroughly enjoys Sunday afternoon naps.

Enneagram: six
Myers–Briggs: ENFJ
Love Language: Words of Affirmation