Marketing is so much more than just a logo and a website. It is the voice of your company. It is how you communicate with your customers. It is what your business becomes known for. From sales materials, to social media, to your website, to your email communications – how you market and brand your company matters.

Many small and medium business recognize the importance of marketing, but the uphill battle is how to make it happen. At Elevate Marketing Co., our goal is to serve as your marketing coordinator. We understand that as a growing business, hiring a full-time marketing manager may not be feasible. Our goal is to bridge that gap so you can have the many of the benefits of having a full-time marketing department, without the price tag attached to one.

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Marketing Services & Solutions

Chances are, if you are a small business owner, you’ve learned how to juggle all the things while wearing 10 different hats. Focusing on what you know best can be hard when you're trying to manage your website, all your social accounts, create branded content, draft a marketing strategy, research different solutions, and grow your customer base,. all while trying to deliver the best service your customers can find. That's a lot to take on!

This is where we step in. For example, take a local bakery. It's the baker’s job to know how to craft the most delicious pastries in town. They also need to know what their customers like, and what keeps them coming back. Is the price? Is it the variety of pastries? Is the environment?

It is not the baker’s job to know which social media channels will most effectively boost their business, which platforms (TV, radio, digital, etc) they should be advertising on, or even if their website is performing properly. That's our job! And we absolutely love doing it.

Marketing Consulting & Strategy

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting can mean a lot of things for you and your business. Our level of involvement entirely depends on your needs. If you need us to come in, create a marketing strategy from scratch, create branding materials, help your business manage a season of rapid growth, or continue to develop an already strong brand -we're here to help. As your marketing consultant, it is our goal to help you strengthen your brand and create something sustainable for the long term. 

There are so many tools and resources when it comes to marketing: websites, social media, digital ads, billboards, events, sponsorships -the list goes on. We are able to play an unbiased role in helping you find solutions for your business. Do you need a CRM? Or maybe an email marketing platform? What about a cloud-based software group to increase collaboration and access to files for your employees?


Marketing Solutions & Vendor Management

Marketing Solutions & Vendor management

When deciding to invest in marketing and advertising your business, it’s always a good thing to know your options. Having a couple quotes and proposals for advertising solutions can insightful. But knowing the right vendor to choose can be difficult. Should you go with the big national company for your digital ads and search engine marketing? Or should you go with the small business who has been doing it for years? There are pros and cons to both! We can help sort it out for you.

Reviewing proposals and comparing apples-to-apples can make your head spin – especially if marketing isn’t your forte. We will guide you through the process, help explain terminology, and dig deep into the proposals provided to you. We don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all solution for every company out there. So we do the research. We do the analysis. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.


Marketing Training

Ongoing training

Elevate Marketing Co. offers ongoing training and consulting to help you (or a dedicated staff member) grasp the basics and sharpen your marketing skills. We can coach you and your team to success in all things marketing. Even if you feel like you've got a great handle on it but aren't seeing as much growth as you'd like - we can come in and preform an assessment on your current marketing strategy and provide suggestions to make it stronger.

Do you want your staff or sales team to be more engaged in your marketing and social media? We can chat with them too!  


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