How To Define a Brand Voice

A big part of developing your brand is defining your voice. Your brand voice is what makes you uniquely you. It’s what makes your brand identifiable. But the question is, how do you define your brand voice?

Defining Your Brand Voice

Be Authentic

There’s a cliché if we’ve ever seen one… but realistically, it is so much easier to just be yourself. Your brand needs to fit you. You don’t want to act or use words you normally wouldn’t use if you were talking to a client. When actors are recording a movie, how many takes are recorded to get the shot? Probably more than one. Why? Because the actor is pretending (acting) to be someone they are not. When you’re projecting your voice, you don’t get multiple takes. So why not be authentic?

Don't Fake it Til You Make It

Many people will tell you, “just fake it ‘til you make it,” but we disagree. Faking it – acting – takes work. But being transparent, discovering your voice along the process… people appreciate that. People appreciate authenticity.

Another huge factor in not faking your voice – you don’t want to attract the wrong following. If your brand is developed as something you don’t want it to be, you’ll attract followers who may not engage with your authentic brand.

Decide Who You Want to Be

The beauty of developing a personal brand is that you get to decide which parts of your personality you want to shine. Are you a nerd? Own it. Are you a fashionista? Own it! Do you have a huge passion for something no one knows about? Share it and own it. The ball is in your court. Take Jenna Kutcher for example. She is an incredible photographer, established business owner, and has built a community around her business. One of the things that she uses time and time again in her brand voice, is stating that she loves yoga pants and is a mac-n-cheese lover. Jenna has taken a few of her passions and fun tidbits about herself and incorporated them into her brand voice.

Maintain Consistency

Your voice should be the same across the board. While each platform you use may change your voice a little, your voice should still be identifiable as you. Think of it like this: You might use different language when you’re talking to your grandma then you do when talking to your best friend. But no matter who you’re talking to, it’s still identifiably you.

Jenna nails this on the head. Her brand voice on her Goal Digger Podcast easily blends across her website and Instagram feed. One of the reasons we think Jenna’s brand voice is so beautifully done is because she is being natural – she is being herself. And it is obvious regardless of what medium we hear her on – podcast, email, social media, etc.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Brand Voice

  • What brand voices do you admire and aspire to be like?
  • Why do your customers choose your brand over others?
  • What do your customers like about you?
  • Why does your company exist?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What is your brand personality? (fun, quirky, nerdy, sophisticated, etc.)

Once you find your brand voice, you’ll find it easier to write emails, website content, blog posts, podcasts and social media posts. Sometimes it is easier to have someone pull out the golden nuggets of your brand personality. If you need help developing your brand’s voice, we can help! Click below to schedule a free consultation.

Victoria Evans