#30SocialDays, a FREE Challenge

Social media is important when it comes to branding a business and building top of mind awarness. It’s an effective way to communicate with your customers and potential leads, in a casual, more personal way. You want to post fresh content and keep things interesting. But, coming up with engaging, creative content, that still matches your brand… that can be hard. That’s where the FREE #30SocialDays Challenge comes into play.

Below, you’ll find 30 days (and some bonus prompts too!) of social media prompts to use for your business (or yourself!). The goal? Create a whole month’s worth of fresh, branded content, that draws engagement from your followers – and even grows your following! Our #30SocialDays challenge starts April 1st, so check out the social prompts below AND how you can partake in the challenge!

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30 Days of Social Prompts

  1. Inspirational Quote/ Motivation Post
  2. Ask a question
  3. Story of Us/How we came to be
  4. Offer a discount/promotion
  5. Share your blog post
  6. Share something from someone else’s social who you admire
  7. Thank you for following
  8. Share tip for your industry
  9. Client/customer testimonial
  10. Share your website
  11. Meet the team
  12. Show off a product/service
  13. Share a free resource
  14. Fill in the blank
  15. Share your other social channels 
  16. Show off your workspace
  17. Share your WHY!
  18. Give something away
  19. Candid team Selfie
  20. Industry trend/news
  21. Share something you’ve learned recently
  22. Share someone else’s blog post
  23. What’s in your bag/on your desk
  24. Behind the scenes
  25. Share your struggles – be real and open
  26. Throwback Thursday
  27. Share a part of your daily routine
  28. Share something funny  
  29. Myth-bust something in your industry
  30. Share what you learned from the 30 Days of Social Challenge

Extras in case the theme doesn't fit your brand./content/strategy/etc.

  1. What’s outside your window
  2. Where I’m working today
  3. What’s for breakfast
  4. What’s for lunch
  5. What’s for dinner
  6. What’s for desert
  7. Wear to work
  8. Workplace Essentials
  9. Coffee on us (Starbucks card screenshot)
  10. Scavenger hunt
  11. Something your favorite color
  12. Something your brand colors
  13. A selfie with a client/customer
  14. A selfie doing something you love
  15. Share something that excites you
  16. Share something that scares you (do something that scares you!)
  17. Share an event you’re going to/went to
  18. Share your favorite podcast
  19. Highlight a follower

How to Participate

Are you ready to make this commitment? Join in on #30SocialDays for our first guided challenge on April 1, 2018. For the month of April, we’ll be following you along (and participating ourselves!) and helping keep each other accountable throughout the challenge. Use #30SocialDays on all your daily posts so we can follow and engage with you! Make sure to follow @elevatemarketingco on Instagram to be reminded of the daily prompts, see tips and tricks, and learn more about how to successfully use Instagram as part of your marketing strategy. And for extra attention, tag @elevatemarketingco in your Stories so we are sure to see it!


You don’t want to throw the first thing that comes to mind when you read the prompt up on your social media… Make these posts meaningful!

Example – For a #Throwback post:

  • Don’t post a photo of the car you drove your senior year of high school (unless you own a car dealership, then by all means – that’s good, fun content!)
  • Do post a photo of your first office space at your business, or the selfie you took on your first day on the job, or maybe a photo of something monumental in your career.

The goal of this challenge is to help you think outside the box, to show a different side of your business (or yourself) that your followers may not have seen, and to bring in a personal touch to your social media channels.

Remember to keep your content relevant to your brand and business. Try to use your branding colors, use quality photos, and be consistent in whatever you do!

Let's Do This!

Download this content calendar and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day! Hang it on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, at your desk, or somewhere you won’t overlook it. Set it as your desktop background!  If you’re participating in our April guided challenge, we’ll be posting weekly content prompt guides every Sunday for you to screenshot and use as your wallpaper on your phone.