New to Elevate: A New Face and a New Skillset

With a strong background in graphic design and a hunger to learn more about marketing, Lydia Itsell has joined the team at Elevate Marketing Co.! We are thrilled to have another creative mind to whiteboard with and dream up big plans for our clients. Lydia is hoping to blend her knowledge in design with the best practices of marketing and apply it to the services we offer our clients.

Lydia Itsell, Elevate Marketing Co.

So, what will Lydia be doing at Elevate? All kinds of things!

Lydia’s bread and butter is graphic design, which was a missing skill at Elevate. Her attention to detail and consistency in design makes us marketers super excited to have her on board. We always preach that consistency in branding is incredibly important for a company. While branding is far more than logos and color schemes, you can’t deny that the design of a brand holds quite a bit of weight. Afterall, McDonalds nailed their brand with the golden arches.

In addition to graphic design, Lydia will be assisting us with client projects, social media planning, and email marketing. A company’s brand should be consistent on all the social media pages, website, email messages, marketing materials, etc. Lydia is going to help us elevate (no pun intended…well maybe) our client’s brand in every aspect that we can. She’s eager to get her hands dirty and dive into this crazy marketing industry that seems to change every other day.

The combined efforts with your website, social media and branding will have people telling you that they hear about and see your company everywhere – at least that is our ultimate goal! Lydia fulfills that arm of design and we are excited to show you what we have up our sleeves for Elevate’s brand itself!

Want to learn more about Lydia? Check out her bio!

Victoria Evans