What Your Website Can Do that Social Media Can Not

You will often hear us talk about the power of social media and what it can do for your business. While we love to talk all things social, it’s not the only area of marketing you should focus on. True, social media is a super powerful tool, but there are limitations to what it can do.

We get asked this question frequently “If I have a Facebook page, do I really need a website?”

The answer is yes, and here’s why.

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You can go deeper on your website.

Social media is great for showing off your brand, culture and personality. But you can’t tell your entire story on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram alone. When we talk with our clients about social media and their website, we first ask them to define the purpose of each tool and what it means to them. Some companies may use their Facebook page to showcase their culture – not their products or services. In fact, many companies are changing up their social media strategy to connect with their audience and not be so “salesy”. So, while social media isn’t the place for them to highlight their products and services, that means the need a platform that welcomes that. This where your website comes into play.

Your website allows you to host a blog, showcase your products and services, and tell your company story. Having a polished website can also give you a great deal of credibility with potential customers as well. If your company is B2B, many CEOs look at a website to learn more about the company, the owners, the history, client testimonials, etc. That is far too much information to include in a single social media post!

Websites can provide more analytics

When you monitor your website traffic and analytics, you can learn a lot about your customer’s journey. You can see how someone came to your website, what pages they viewed and where they dropped off. Social media platforms can give you a handful of data, but it won’t be as detailed or granular as what Google Analytics can provide you. The reason analytics are so important, is because it allows you to see trends on your website and provide you with valuable information about your customer/audience base. Additionally, not everyone is on Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram, but most everyone is browsing the internet!

What Your Website Can Do For Your Business

You have greater ownership over your website vs social media pages

What would you do if Facebook or LinkedIn disappeared tomorrow? Would your business still thrive? What if all social media platforms went away? Would that tank your success?

Unlike social media, you have greater ownership over your website than you do social media pages. You are in control of your website, its content, and its longevity. You also have far more flexibility in the information and layout of your content on your website than you do on social media. If you want 85 pages on your website (which we don’t necessarily recommend!) – you can do that. You have the freedom to slice and dice your website however you want – so long as your website developer can make it happen. With social media, you are given a template to work within which is mandated by the social network. So, while, social media is still one of our favorite marketing techniques, its not the end all, be all.

Websites + Social Media = Better Together

Should you be on social media? Yes. Should you have a website? Yes. It’s not one or the other, but more about how the two can compliment one another to promote your company and tell your story. Social media is a great tool for driving traffic to your website. It’s the invitation to the house party. Your website can also direct people to connect with your company on a more personal level by connecting on social media. The two go hand in hand.

Still trying to wrap your head around websites and social media? Let us help! We love talking with small businesses owners about this kind of stuff! Give us a call!

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